Greetings! I’m Tim Haag and I’m always working on a number of projects, including the current Teachable AOK Writing mini-project on writing to support others.

Thinking deep, deep thoughts…about dinner.

My background: I have a degree in journalism and covered high school basketball for the Salinas Californian. I authored curriculum guides for teachers, two Internet for Teachers books, and have countless stories gathering digital dust on my hard drives.

I recently published The Incomplete Book of Retirement Wisdom.

I taught for 21 years, grades 3-12, and for 12 years, worked in instructional technology.

My most impactful training experience during my years in the classroom was the Central California Writers Project, an outgrowth of the National Writing Project. Along with my journalism degree, it launched me into a number of writing ventures, including this website.

Projects in motion:

  1. a website [] in which I post excerpts of a book-in-progress
  2. a Teachable course as an off-shoot of the above website
  3. a tongue-in-cheek look at first dates [ebook] The Incomplete Book of Dating Wisdom is currently on hold until/if/when life returns to ‘normal’.
  4. a second Writing Warmups book–this one intended for an older audience


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