Side Hustle Course

Dear Chris Guillebeau:

Welcome to my juggling act.


I’ll be taking myself through the steps in your book and I’ll be expecting a resounding success by the book’s end. No pressure.

And if things go awry, well, it’s your fault for sparking my interest in not just buying your book, but in listening to close to 200 of your Side Hustle School podcasts

Okay, now that we’ve established your responsibility, I now feel as if I’m playing with house money.


What will I be juggling?

Let’s refer to the professionally crafted image above…

I’ll not only be working through the book, but I will be documenting the journey AND creating an online course that shares my strategies to make valuable content, such as that found in Side Hustle , really stick and become transferable the next time this site’s visitors take on a new non-fiction book.

This should all be fun…until I mess up. Then it’s finger-pointing time. ;->

For starters– to anybody following along with the book–before you even start reading the book–I would suggest that you create your own table of contents and take photos of pages you think will comprise go-to content. I’ll share my rationale later.

So, here goes…time out while I find the book. [How can I miss that shocking yellow cover? Love it, actually.]

Let the juggling begin.


The Commissioner