Prewriting Course Content

Greetings, writers.

Some of my course contents are below. The course is currently in limbo so here is a less-than-elegant listing of the contents.

The Intro to the Course

— Steve Pressfield’s two YouTube videos explaining his foolscap method.

Creative Commons Attribution license (reuse allowed)

Creative Commons Attribution license (reuse allowed)

Using Image Search to spur prewriting.

Using YouTube and other online video to boost your prewriting.

–Exploring the ‘foolscap method’ of prewriting [Google Docs version]   or   PDF version

–Interview with Stealth Students author

Mind mapping with Inspiration [a commercial product I’ve used for years.] It’s almost eight minutes long, so keep that index finger ready to fast-forward.

When I create my course modules with more polished resources in Teachable, I will let you know and give you access to that version.

Key Points from James Patterson on Outlining

Character Conversations   Stealth Students Character Conversations

Download These Concept Lists:
Surprise-The Unexpected-Amazement          Suspense

Video: Using a Concept List