The power of warming up

So, here is a warmup for my discussion of ‘warmup’. It’s a quick brain dump [not my favorite term, by the way] to get some ideas rolling. It might be a typed list, since I’m currently [obviously] on my laptop, but it might evolve into a mind map in my Read more…

Finally! A completed writing project!

What are the best parts of this book being on the Amazon shelf? I finished a project! There’s nothing like seeing my book available publicly…to spotlight glaring necessary fixes. Offshoot projects resulted from this one. I have more time to create my mini-course on ‘acts of kindness’ writing.

More fun with blackout writing…

Okay, maybe it’s not ‘writing’ per se. And I opted out of ‘black’ for the day… Let me know if you’re interested in the simple process to create your own blackout poems. These fun exercises are inspired by Austin Kleon.

An eye-for-details activity

I’m working on a mini-course, so I’ll be posting some of the activities here. The activities are intended for a range of writers, though seasoned veterans may not be interested. Again, I’ll be using this site to park some of my works. Here is the short, non-narrated activity.