Writers Horoscope for October 3: Time to seek out a new skill.



Okay, you embraced that willingness to be an awkward beginner.

Now that the inclination is there, let’s look to something you’ve not tried yet.

Like–don’t take this personally–‘being interesting’.

Check out list item #24 in Shaunta Grimes’ 25 Habits That Will Make You a Writer.

Go be interesting!

Writers Horoscope for October 2: Your willingness is tested today.

Willingness to flail.
Willingness to fail.
Jill Badonsky, in her book The Muse Is In , calls it a willingness to be an awkward beginner.
She would be on board with yesterday’s message: Lighten up.
And keep it simple.
Shrink your goals.
Finish something…other than those cinnamon rolls you pulled out of the freezer.
Willingness to fail?

Just don’t fail yourself.

no fail man reaching for sky