Writers Horoscope September 14: You’ve given in to distraction. And now…

it’s crunch time.

gratisography girl writer surrounded by crumpled up pages and typewriter deadline

You lost out in the eternal tug of war between what you’re supposed to do and what you prefer to do.

It’s now crunch time and you need to focus.

Seriously–focus. And focus some more. [I know, I know, I do see the irony of launching you further away from your work, but these tips should prove helpful in the end. And now…back to the cat videos. ;->]

gratisography focus eyes wide open hair straight up


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Writers Horoscope September 7: A loved one will exploit your weaknesses.

This chapter is killing me! 

A whine emanates from the other room. He knows…

dog through fence

A little he-and-I time wouldn’t hurt.

A deadly whimper-whine combination.

Stop right there! You know deep down once you leave that keyboard, there’s little chance you’re coming back, not even to turn things off.

Aim for a quick win, or at least a compromise. Set the timer for 20 minutes. You power through till the buzzer goes off and then Droopy-Eyed Ralph can get his walk.

Other anti-distraction tips:


…and for those with family members who can’t read ‘Do Not Disturb’ signs and who claim to not understand clearly-stated boundaries: http://www.diyauthor.com/distraction-working-home-when-you-have-pets/ .