Goodwill words…starting the year on a ‘good note’

The note’s cover image

As stated before, writing is an act of faith…faith that your words will impact a reader.

But I have to remind myself to have faith that the words can impact the writer as well.

Some good reminders here...

Writing to Help Others

Just a 15-second GIF-flick to give writers [including me] some ideas on sharing our time and writing interests.

And the item inspiring this post…

Here’s hoping the holiday season [despite the weirdness and reduced connections with others] is yielding a few realizations of life’s other fortunes.

This December sunrise, for instance.

Or this towering reminder of the season.

The 12 DAYS OF LOVE LETTER WRITING project continues.

While my draft to Ann Maria ‘cools’, thought I would check in.

Hoping your season is still revealing blessings.

Here is an 11-second tour of
most of the More Love Letters requests.


Image by John Hain from Pixabay

Here is the current list of requests
–updated daily.

Confession…I’m falling behind! Luckily, I have till the 22nd to get them in the mail.

If you do participate, why not create a quick word cloud highlighting that person’s special traits? Then print it out on the paper you’ll use for your letter.

More ‘goodwill words’ for folks

memories are timeless treasures of the heart

It’s as if I’m getting to know the recipients.

In reality, though, I don’t know where these are sent.

But I’ve always trusted Love for Our Elders to find those deserving people.

And its Instagram pages continue to encourage me.

Contributing to this larger ‘goodwill words’ project…

Not too late to join us:

Here is a 1-minute video of the first letter request. Just click pause where needed to take in the entire request.

By all means, pass this post along to interested writers.

Creating postcards for my ‘Goodwill Words’ project

I made a 3+ minute video showing how the iPad and the Canva app can team up to generate postcards to share as needed. [email, text message, print-and-send]

Here is the video…

Here are a few holiday-themed samples I made on Canva…

A favorite destination for ‘goodwill words’

I’ve recently posted about writing being an act of faith.

In this case, I have faith that my notes to…

lift someone’s day.

For sure, they distract me from lots of other disquieting stuff happening out there in the world. [And they remind me that others are hurting so much out there.]

Plenty of writers are directing their thoughts and support to folks they know and some they don’t know, so my ‘project’ is nothing new or unique.

But it’s something that makes sense.


  • it is a self-sustaining ‘volunteer opportunity’, which have dwindled ‘a bit’ since mid-March.
  • it’s one more feel-good checklist item for my day’s end ‘review’.
  • it’s so much better than watching the news.
  • it provides a layer of human contact
  • it’s been fun and rewarding and it will continue.

Let me know if you want to join me. I have a raft of resources that will make the project doable.

th at inventwithwords dot com