Writing Tip of the Day: Three pens and…

All this deep stuff about rationalizations and humanness. Let’s take a break.

Back to the practical level.

three pens

Always keep three pens and a sterilized needle with you when you’re writing longhand. Odds are, at least two of the pens won’t work or will peter out when you’re in mid-chapter, at which point the third one will avert an ugly display.

And if the third pen goes belly-up, a quick sweep of the needle across your forearm [for dramatic effect] will provide you with enough fluid to at least finish that page and get you to Urgent Care.

Writing Tip of the Day: Moving to the bigger picture

think big painted on wall

The last two days we covered rationalizations.

But as I was slaving [slaving, I tell you] over those two posts, I noticed the living room needed a little straightening.

That’s when the ‘I’m writing.’ rationalization kicked in. A close call. I almost pulled myself out of the chair and did something productive.

It was then I realized this tennis match between reasons for writing and not writing speaks to this: Our neuroses, weirdnesses, and just plain humanness can fuel daily inspiration, development of characters and plot, and blog content for decades to come.

And trust me, our humanness never stops.

Well, okay, until that whole persistent breathing habit stops.

At that point, progress does tend to drop off a bit.

And please, don’t get me started on cryogenics.

Writing Tip of the Day: Rationalization is your friend [Part II]

More on rationalization.

From the ‘turnabout is fair play’ department: Now it’s time to use your writing as a go-to rationalization…for not chiseling marinara off last night’s dinner dishes, diving into that IKEA assembly ordeal, or changing that hard-to-reach light bulb on your nightstand.

Not interested? Then you only have yourself to blame for not topping the New York Times Best Sellers list.

Writing Tip of the Day: Rationalization is your friend.


If your well of ideas has run dry [we’re talking dust clouds wafting up from the bottom, I mean, even Lassie wouldn’t drop down there to save Timmy… that dry], just list a few of your favorite rationalizations for not writing.

Honest, it can open up a whole new conversation…within yourself…or, at the creepy level, loud enough for others to hear…better yet, on paper.

Sometimes, all we writers need is a little understanding and when you’ve said to yourself, “So, what’s been going on?”, well, you’ve come to the right place.

More on the power of rationalization tomorrow.