Writers Horoscope-July 28

Loved ones will block your progress. Stand your ground. Let them know that your work comes first and that guilt trips are counterproductive. Then go ahead, drop everything, and yield to their every demand.  

Writers Horoscope-July 27

The Sun** pervades your whole existence today. Simple solution: Take your laptop, your creative life force, and your will to live and move into the shade. But you do have options…   **The Sun, the giver of life, represents our conscious mind in Astrology. It represents our will to live and Read more…

Writers Horoscope-July 26

Today? Face reality. It’s nitty-gritty time in the writer’s workroom. Yesterday’s [July 25] noble effort to ‘simplify’ has, of course, complicated things. You’ve discovered a wealth of vivid characterization, intriguing plot points, and cogent, logical outlining…in freehand. Time to digitize. Yes, type. Fire up the Ninja Coffee Bar, cue up Read more…

Writers Horoscope-July 25

A day to simplify. Those cheap notebooks [July 24]? Boon can morph into bane. You’ve been forced to reassemble your Pulitzer Prize winner from a jigsaw puzzle of those 70-count darling-demons. No virtual assistant can save you from this.