Writers Horoscope September 5: Get a leg up on your competition.


Gratisography leg up

  1. Ask editors lots of questions.
  2. Read–with a reader’s eye and an editor’s eye–what the competition is writing.
  3. Hunker down with some ‘Best of…’ article collections.
  4. Make bulletin board material out of the ‘best of the best’.

And, don’t forget the one writer you should always be competing with: the previous version of you.



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Writers Horoscope September 4: Today, your persistence is mightily challenged.


falling off bicycle stretch yourself

You face-planted on your last foray into a new genre. Critics cared enough to send their very best…jeers, barbs, and insults. [Remember, writers, everything comes in threes.]

Trust that you will find your voice. Characters will come alive. Plots will write themselves. [Again with the threes?]

It’s time to hop back on and start pedaling. [After some reassembly.]



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Writers Horoscope September 3: March (write) to the sound of a distant drummer,…

guitar player, or saxman.

Experiment with different working audio.

Even try migrating from digital to…

gratisography vinyl records go retro

yes, vinyl. [Granted, if you’re under a tight deadline or you’re on a roll, you might have to hire someone to switch albums for you and nudge the turntable in the event of skipping. Talk about a narrow niche for a side-hustle…]

You might also consider background noise [not counting the barking dog next door].


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Writers Horoscope September 2: Today–rewire your brain.

A little change in circuitry might just do the trick.

“My dear friend, clear your mind of can’t.”– author Samuel Johnson

gratisography-affirmations new ones


Find many more positive thoughts here, thanks to Barrie Davenport.

It also seems fitting here to acknowledge the passing of Louise Hay earlier this week.


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Writers Horoscope September 1: Remind yourself that criticism is subjective.

Remember the message of August 29: Don’t linger too long on writing’s low points.



Besides, if you’d followed the sage advice from August 05, you’d have already steeled yourself against apathetic responses to your work.


Email Gems: July 17-21

From my Austin Kleon weekly newsletter:
Here [with 2 Years of Exhausting Photographic Detail] Is How to Write a Book by Ryan Holiday

From the newsletter of Jill Badonsky [the author of The Muse Is In]:
“Strengthen Your Tolerance Muscle–To be good at anything in the creative realm you must be able to accept that you’re not instantly perfect or even kinda good. If you don’t have a tolerance muscle, your mission if you want to answer your creative call, is to build it before the skill you are trying to cultivate.”




Twitter Gems July 3-7

Some of the greatest writers of the past century on how to handle criticism   https://t.co/DvCwfSOue4

twitter-rubix cube

A self-publishing primer from @JaneFriedman is among this week’s Finds for Writers: wp.me/p4x0h8-bKZ.

You have to resign yourself to wasting lots of trees before you write anything really good. J.K. ROWLING #amwriting #writing #writinglife

“When an idea comes, spend silent time with it…” https://t.co/WjESlYRIkz

You re-learn how to write a book every time you write a book. bit.ly/2sFlNUQ