Curation Corner: Writing freebies from Scribe Media

Welcome to BooskSchool, with links to:

** four self-directed courses covering the topics highlighted in the word cloud above

** a download link to Scribe Media co-founder Tucker Max’s book, The Scribe Method

** a link to Scribe Media’s YouTube Channel

** a link to their podcast

Other Scribe Media resources can be found here.


Goodwill words for an extraordinarily selfless mom…

I try to omit the recipient’s name in these posts, even though the More Love Letters website includes them in the Letter Requests section–thus the amateurish patches of approximated color.

Hoping the words count for something.

With the pandemic cutting into volunteer opportunities, I guess this little project is one way to give back. And it’s a good Sunday afternoon thing to do, followed up by popcorn and a mystery. Or a break from the ‘grueling’ schedule I keep…

I keep dawdling on completing an online ‘goodwill words’ course to match the one I conducted last fall, as it always seems more important to just get the letters and notes out in the mail.

Anyway, thanks for visiting. I always appreciate the folks who press the ‘Like’ button to let me know the post arrived safely.

More goodwill words…

I try to do something different with each letter and note that I write. In this case, I created a word cloud for the recipient, similar to the image you see below.

It’s important that I keep things fresh. If my goodwill writing ever felt like drudgery, I’d be missing the point completely, right? And hey, a ‘mojo machine’? Why not?

More goodwill words…and 7 ways to support others

Still more to add.

Just trying to keep the momentum.

Posting these helps make the project more ‘real’.

Just came across another writing-to-help-others site:

And in the meantime, here is a nice piece entitled: 7 WAYS TO SUPPORT OTHERS DURING TOUGH TIMES

Goodwill words…plenty written and sent; not as many posted

Am way behind on adding updates to my ‘goodwill words’ project. Here is today’s contribution. (It’s one thing to write the notes and letters. Posting them is a whole other ballgame. 🤔)

Thanks for visiting.

More ‘goodwill words’ for folks

memories are timeless treasures of the heart

It’s as if I’m getting to know the recipients.

In reality, though, I don’t know where these are sent.

But I’ve always trusted Love for Our Elders to find those deserving people.

And its Instagram pages continue to encourage me.

Creating postcards for my ‘Goodwill Words’ project

I made a 3+ minute video showing how the iPad and the Canva app can team up to generate postcards to share as needed. [email, text message, print-and-send]

Here is the video…

Here are a few holiday-themed samples I made on Canva…

Curation Corner: Erika Dreifus’ Practicing Writer

I’ve followed the work of Erika Dreifus’ work for about three years, further proof of what a slacker I’ve been for not passing it along to you folks sooner.

And so, still in ‘slacker’ mode, I’ll let her monthly newsletter’s table of contents do my work for me:


  1. Editor’s Note: What’s New
  2. Success Stories
  3. Featured Resource
  4. Upcoming/Ongoing Contests, Competitions, and Other Opportunities (NO ENTRY OR APPLICATION FEES; PAYING OPPORTUNITIES ONLY)
  6. Blog Notes
  7. Newsletter Matters

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