Writers Horoscope December 2: You start your resolutions early.


You’ve been encouraged before to see projects through.


And here.

One month left in 2017. What can you put in the plus column?

More guidance from Jon Acuff , author of Finish: Give Yourself the Gift of Done.

I’ll even join you.

My challenge: Finish three projects by December 31. They don’t have to be big ones. They don’t have to be ones you’ve already started. I’ll let you know my three soon-to-be-finished projects. [Overconfidence…it’s so unbecoming.]

I would love to hear even one of yours comment section!

Let’s gain momentum from each other.

Writers Horoscope December 1: Your mind is a jumble.

Even when you have momentum and direction and focus, it’s easy to drift into a quagmire of your writing life’s ins and outs and ups and downs. [Four prepositions ought to be enough.]

writing word cloud dec 1

The challenge is to rebound and play to your strengths.

Writers Horoscope November 30: Your captivity yields a discovery.


Once you establish your ‘focus’ mindset, you can release the shackles (getting a bit dramatic here, aren’t we?) and work elsewhere.