Writers Horoscope for October 25: You launch into a new genre.


Yeah… mystery sounds good.

mysterious woman

Let’s start with this one: Why, when you get some momentum in one endeavor, do you delve into something entirely new?

There certainly is the freshness factor–the exhilaration of trying something new.

But there may be the ‘Finishing the last project means I’m that much closer to rejection’ factor.


Solve that mystery first…then you can set up your fictional detective agency.



Writers Horoscope for October 24: Today, you take the reins for your own learning.



Writers Horoscope for October 23: People ask you to be a leader.


Those deadlines? Whoooosh! There they go!

And your priority juggling act continues.

Today, let’s first give self-leadership a shot.

A touch of self leadership reduced jpg


Writers Horoscope for October 22: Today, it’s nose to the grindstone.

Even if you need some help from a few friends.

writers horoscope persistence Nose to the grindstone

Whether it’s prep for National Novel Writing Month or taking a team approach to knock off ‘Finish This Damnable Project!’ list items, order up some pizza, Cheeto’s, and wet wipes. Beverages? Keep ’em straight. You want to be able to find your keyboard, after all.

That’s the fuel for Round 1.

And the payoff for persistence?


And there may be even *greater* rewards for that extra-extra effort.



Writers Horoscope September 19: There’s room for more than one mentor in your life.

Getting a second, or third, opinion on your work may be just what you need.

Yes, too many cooks can spoil the…well, you know.

But, just in case, keep your eyes open for another writing sage in your life.

gratisography dog with glasses as mentor

Writing mentors need to look, well, writerly.

And will listen. Without too much judgment.

And won’t heap huge expectations on you.

A daily ride in the car? Sure. A bowl of kibble? You can handle that.

But remember: they need the writerly look.

Jeff Goins offers some serious tips on finding a writing mentor.

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Writers Horoscope September 18: Find a new outlet for your pent-up energy. 


All that time in front of a computer screen.

All that roiling frustration over that damnable dangling participle…

You’re turning into a churning hunk of burning funk. (Thank you, James Taylor)

Time to let loose.

gratisography arm wrestling outlet for pentup energy
And it just might lead to a little cash on the side.
Bonus! For sticking with this post—other ways to de-stress in front of the screen…


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Writers Horoscope September 17: Today, listen to yourself.

Oh, sure, through the years, you’ve heard voices. Lots of them.

And some actually came from people who exist.

Now it’s time to hear yourself.

gratisography radio equipment smaller

Yep, you.

You not only have a lot to say, but you need to hear yourself say it.

Record your written words and play them back.

You will probably wince at the sound of your voice, but, shrug it off and soak in the sound of your words.

You may well ask yourself, “Who was that genius?”

And if there were a virtual ‘Like’ button** floating around, you might even click it.


** Someone, somewhere should be making a few bucks cranking out and selling ‘Like’ buttons for people to wear. Would be fun to watch the reactions of passers-by…

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Writers Horoscope September 16: It’s time to refuel.



Do you need to be convinced? Deadlines and ill-temperament have taken their toll, after all.

Paul Jun’s guest post on ProBlogger offers three reasonable suggestions to consider.

  • Don’t write, exercise. Get the endorphins pumping.
  • Admit it: there are days you should just wave the white flag.
  • Unearth those touches of genius you’ve squirreled away on sticky notes, sauce-smeared napkins, or steamy shower walls. That will give you a boost when you’re ready to get back in the game.


Writers Horoscope September 15: The publishing world is against you. It seems.

evil editor-dasher of dreams captionEver had that submission spur an immediate rejection?

We’re talkin’, ‘Click ‘send’ and within minutes, boom! your inbox has a ‘Thanks, but…’ message. It’s almost as if that evil editor, assistant or, in 2017, maybe an automated script, has been just waiting for your query letter or sample chapter.

Time to give up, right?

Uhhh, no.

Jordan Rosenfeld, author of A Writer’s Guide to Persistence: How to Create a Lasting and Productive Writing Practice, offers these tips.

No, I have not yet bought her book, but for almost a year, I’ve followed her Twitter feed, which abounds with inspiration and advice for writers.

So hang in there and move on to the next potential client.


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