Writers Horoscope for October 2: Your willingness is tested today.

Willingness to flail.
Willingness to fail.
Jill Badonsky, in her book The Muse Is In , calls it a willingness to be an awkward beginner.
She would be on board with yesterday’s message: Lighten up.
And keep it simple.
Shrink your goals.
Finish something…other than those cinnamon rolls you pulled out of the freezer.
Willingness to fail?

Just don’t fail yourself.

no fail man reaching for sky

Writers Horoscope for October 1: The message is clear: Lighten up.

Your writing might change the world.

But that’s not for you to decide.

Don’t start with the world.

Start with your world.

And with each new written word, realization, reminiscence, character, or plot twist, your world will change.

Even if just a little bit.

earth and guy celebrating


Writers Horoscope for September 30: You will finish a project today.

Okay, so you’re past the guilt. You’ve conquered despair. [Frankly, you were a mess this week.]

It’s time to finish something.

the end finish line artsy

Yes, to you, a foreign concept.

But today’s the day.

The TV is unplugged [yes, you’re that serious], the wi-fi will soon be off, fresh coffee awaits, and you dove into the freezer for those cinnamon rolls. [Cooking takes a back seat today.]

And you’ve reached a conclusion: You don’t work well under pressure.

So you’re going to: A) Start with the smallest unfinished project first. B) Work in 15-minute increments.

Joe Bunting from thewritepractice.com prescribes small deadlines. Sounds contrary to your not working well under pressure, but…

Cut to Jon Acuff in his book Finish–“Cut your goal in half.”

Jane Porter also chimes in with solid support in her Fast Company contribution.

Final word: Go!



Writers Horoscope September 29: Cashing it in…soooo tempting.


You made it past yesterday’s guilt.

Time for another demon.

gratisography leaning against fence giving up

You want to give up. Words aren’t flowing. Ideas aren’t flowing. Tears, however, well, they might be another story.

Ben Angel in his contribution on Entrepreneur suggests two steps to win out:

  • Remind yourself of what you stand to lose by quitting.
  • Make a public declaration of what you’re working toward.

Ali Luke’s guest post on Goinswriter.com teases out the issue even more extensively. Lots of good ideas here to think through, including ways to cope with:

  • present-day life’s incompatibility with your writing
  • discouraging feedback
  • your loved ones not understanding your work or your calling to put pen to paper

And you could always subscribe to Copyblogger’s Brian Clark’s mantra: Keep going.