An all-over-the-map potpourri of topics

Yep, the more ideas I follow, the more things I start, well, it’s obvious I’m dodging the ultimate challenge of ‘finishing’.

Weak rationalization: But it’s so fun to start stuff.

And ‘continuing’ ain’t half bad either.

New stuff I’m doing:


2. (I’ve just always been interested in what other folks are doing to make a little, or a lot of, side money. I’m actually 250+ posts into this.)

3. The goodwill words project is continuing and, after a more concerted visit to Operation We Are Here, I’ve written my first three letters to folks in the military.

4. Still curating resources for writers, such as:
19 Different Types of Blog Posts That Work For Any Niche

5. A self-paced How to Publish a Book course. See below.