The 15-Minute Experiment…

“I just know an interruption is around that corner…”


So here’s the deal…I have self-diagnosed my problem: Scattered brain.

I’ll stop at self-diagnosis.

Self-medication could get really ugly and involve empty bags of kettle corn strewn throughout the house.

Today, I’m going with 15-minute work segments.

I opened a new tab in Google Chrome and in the web address box [called the Omnibox, by the way…please bear with my occasional geekness.]

I typed ‘set timer to 15 minutes’ and sure enough a clock started counting down. [Been using that for months, but wanted to share that with you.]

So this blog post is my first work segment.

What other ones have I planned for?

  1. Explore a self-publishing resource I signed up for.
  2. Mindmap to flesh out new book ideas.
  3. Type!! I have tons of content in my notebooks and I feel the need to digitize them. I believe in a previous post I shared a photo of a pile of notebooks that have collected dust over the last year. In there lies a trove [not ready to call it a treasure trove] of ideas that need revisiting.
  4. Publish my Writing Warmups book to Kindle.
  5. Stand over the slow bathroom sink drain and ponder what could go wrong if I dive into that project myself.

Challenges to my experiment?

— My pup who is coming off emergency surgery and needs my vigilant eye to ensure he doesn’t undo the post-op stitchery. He is currently in deep REM state and whimper-barking at some dream-state rodent interloper.

— Need for a nap. Been sleeping on the couch for the last ten days to continue the dog-watch…and tending to his 1:00 AM, 3:00 AM, 5:00 AM backyard visits. [Medications mess up his usual sleep through the night routine.]

— The infernal need to check email.

Update: I have two minutes left in this blog post…You can only hope I’ll pare this down, right?

Back to the to-do list…

  1. Most likely revisit the above items for additional quarter-hour stints.
  2. Morning pages.
  3. Reading from Show Your Work, Making Ideas Happen, Unthink, The Report Card, and Using WordPress.
  4. Check in with
  5. Add a blog post to .

Okay, the timer went off and I did some polishing of this. Time to publish and move on to morning pages. Though, of course, there’s the dog…

Will let my thousands [dozens?] [pair?] of readers know how this worked out.

An epiphany…

Character Lightbulbs Represents Power Source And Concepts 3d Ren


I’m 15 minutes past the 15-minute goal. I’ll take this as a good sign…that I can extend my attention span a little further when I need to. [image from

For the time being, I prefer to not interpret it as inserting distraction into my workday. ;-]