Writers Horoscope for October 11: Today, you need to fast.

No, don’t go tossing your vat of candy corn.

You’ve engulfed your brain with too much media. 

tv upper torso

Time for a news fast.

It does nothing but bring you down and, even worse, keep you from your real work.

Here is step one…

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Writers Horoscope for October 10: Others seek you out.

Of course others seek you out!

After all, you put words together in clear, concise fashion.

You’re brimming with creative and unique avenues of expression.

Wellllll, there’s a problem.

You’re being sought out today for another of your attractive traits: perceived free time.

“Oh, it’s just a little yard work,” they say.

agriculture-buffalo physical labor

It’s never just ‘a little’.

You could go with yesterday’s suggestion: turn and run.

Or you could throw a fit…

gratisography look of desperation


Or you could show a creepingly inordinate amount of enthusiasm for the work.

gratisography crazed lumberjackjpg

That oughta cut back on the calls for help.