Writers Horoscope August 27: Your reclusiveness serves no one.

gratisography cat looking out mail slot dont be a shut in

Get outside and see the world.
You have a pad and paper. And a camera, fergawdsakes.
The weather is too nice for you to breathe indoor air.

And who knows what draft-worthy stuff you might find as you cruise the neighborhood…

mulkey ave bear yay summer

©copyright Tim Haag


Cat photo courtesy of http://gratisography.com/

Writers Horoscope August 26: Today seek help.

No, not that kind. [Your sanity is not in question.**]

You realize you’re better at ideation and first drafting on paper.

But someone has to digitize that brilliance.

Time for…a virtual assistant.

gorilla hands on keyboard virtual assistant - Edited

Always wise to check references, however.




Photo courtesy of http://gratisography.com/