Curation Corner: Write something.





Repeat process.

Do this enough and you can overcome your fear of writing, which is a most accurate explanation for ‘writer’s block’.

Thank you, Seth Godin. Here is his ‘Top 100’.

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Goodwill Words: A mini-course

Invitation: Join my Goodwill Words writing project.

Why? To support and reassure deserving (and appreciative) folks.

What’s my first step? Sign up for the free Write a Letter–Change a Life mini-course.

Mini-course contents:

— A drafting process I frequently use.

— A brainstormed list of opening lines, helpful words/phrases, and closings to guide you through your first letter.

— Strategies to stay inspired and focused.

— An ever-growing gallery of letters I’ve written. Use these as springboards for your own work.

— A list of benefits for Goodwill Words writers.

— A favorite destination for your first ‘change a life’ letter.

Get inspired.

Grab a pencil/keyboard.

Go for broke!

Writers: Embrace failure.

Photo courtesy of Gratisography

When I came across a page online with the same message, I immediately thought about us writers. (I’ve probably even used the image before.)

I explored the topic more deeply here, including a link to Enjoying the Fun of Failure.

A page of Goodwill Words

Just thought I’d compile a few of the words I’ve been putting down.

Seems to be more inspiring work than simply writing for myself.

Hope it nudges a few writers forward to give it a try.

I’ll be adding more to the gallery.

My three favorite destinations so far:

More Love Letters

Love for Our Elders

Letters to Strangers

Curation for Writers: Become an Idea Machine

Photo by CJ Dayrit on Unsplash

I ran across this photo and it immediately revived my appreciation for Become An Idea Machine by Claudia Azula Altucher and James Altucher.

A few quotes from the book’s foreword by James:

“…idea generation, of the good kind, the kind that helps you AND OTHERS, which is the type you will exercise in this book, is worth ten times that, or more.”

“You can’t trust the old style of thinking anymore…You have to come up with a new way of thinking, a new way of having ideas…we can train it (the mind) to work for us, and to move us in the direction of a life of fulfillment. One day at a time.”

“The way is this: Come up with ten ideas a day.
That’s it.”

“Coming up with ten ideas a day is like exercise. And exercise makes the idea muscle grow stronger.”


NOTE: The Kindle version is 99 cents. Yes, 99 cents! For a 251-page ebook with lots of…you guessed it, IDEAS!
The link to the book is an affiliate link. If you happen to buy the book through that link, it doesn’t NOT affect the price, but it does give me a small commission, which I’ll be using to buy my small island in the Caribbean…or the yacht I’ll need to get to that island…or my therapist who’s exhausted himself trying to dispel my daily delusions.