Curation Saturday: Gems from other blogs

1. Alex Markovich shares the products of his photography skills.

alex markovich

2. Virginia puts life in perspective with her Roses in the Rubble.
Quote: “What does it take to stop you? There are all sorts of crutches that keep us from moving forward after our spills (splat) on the pavement of life: bruised egos and empty pockets, tears and fears, maybe sprained hearts too hurt to love anew.”

3. Shape Shifter Fitness keeps me on the culinary straight-and-narrow. Well, he tries to.
Quote [about turmeric]: “The difference it’s made in the quality of Stella’s life by adding it to her dog food has been amazing, and I’ll always be a huge proponent of its benefits for that alone.”

4. Cristian Mihai shares his views and expertise on blogging.
Quote: “Accept that you have to add value.”

Here’s a question about photographs…

So, I took photos of folks in a parade years ago.

I looked into acceptable uses of the photos and this page provided some clarification.

One key point: You need permission from the subject if the picture is used for commercial purposes. Okay, no problem there.

But what if the person is NOT recognizable? See below. Do I still need permission from this Chewbacca clone? [Not that I have any clue who or where this person is now. Hey, even fingerprints wouldn’t help. ;->]

If anyone can clear this up, I would appreciate it.