A five-minute writing pep talk…reminder.

I posted this over a year ago, but it’s a favorite and it boils down our ‘showing up to work’ to five minutes. [Unfortunately, the SoundCloud link is no longer active.] Patrick McLean’s Five-Minute Writing Pep Talk Image from Google’s online timer  

Writers Horoscope for October 19: Open the confessional.

Admit it, that half-finished crossword puzzle has more allure than that half-completed blog post. Even the half-mowed lawn has more allure than the half-completed blog post. Solution: Ditch that blog post and write about the writing vs. anything-and-everything-else tug-of-war. You’re not alone, that’s for sure.

A five-minute writing pep talk…

One that I revisit regularly. Give the audio version a try. [SoundCloud link on the page.] Patrick McLean’s Five-Minute Writing Pep Talk In the survey below, feel free to let me know which points settled into your writing ethic. Thanks.