I should be writing. Instead…solarizing.

afternoon coffee

My other blog has the full post.

But I have to say, considering today is back to mid-50’s and damp,
I’m really pleased with yesterday’s lack of ambition.

The only thing that would make yesterday better is having a new dog cruising the yard…or mercilessly begging. [Sorry, writing police, for using an adverb.]

Writers Horoscope for October 26: Intuition wins out.

Bravo. You actually followed your gut. [No, not to the fridge–well, not immediately.]

Instead, you raided your bookshelf.

You put down your pen and put up your feet.

It was time for a cozy dog mystery, a creativity daily devotional, and Charlotte’s Web.

You read for yourself.

person-reading on bed

You recaptured your inspiration and relished in the wordplay, the plot twists, and the comforting conclusions.

There is something to be said about not writing…




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