Writers Horoscope September 17: Today, listen to yourself.

Oh, sure, through the years, you’ve heard voices. Lots of them.

And some actually came from people who exist.

Now it’s time to hear yourself.

gratisography radio equipment smaller

Yep, you.

You not only have a lot to say, but you need to hear yourself say it.

Record your written words and play them back.

You will probably wince at the sound of your voice, but, shrug it off and soak in the sound of your words.

You may well ask yourself, “Who was that genius?”

And if there were a virtual ‘Like’ button** floating around, you might even click it.


** Someone, somewhere should be making a few bucks cranking out and selling ‘Like’ buttons for people to wear. Would be fun to watch the reactions of passers-by…

image courtesy of gratisography.com