Word clouds…a productive diversion

I’ve worked with word clouds for at least four years, but just added this short tutorial to my ESL course.

Other projects I’m working on: [some more actively than others]

  1. http://nextstepenglish.net/
  2. https://retirerenew.com
  3. http://stretchingtech.teachable.com

Dabble Hour: Keeping Favorite Projects Alive

I have confess…there are projects I still want to stay involved with, but, as Steven Pressfield says [and I agree], delving into multiple projects–thus leading to nothing being finished–suggests yet another triumph of resistance over progress.

And so, for the next week, I’m going with a compromise: Dabble Hour.

dabble hour--jugglers-acrobats-864

I’ll give myself one hour a day to at least stay in touch with some of those side creation/writing projects…even if it’s five minutes to type up a few pertinent ideas, a snippet of dialogue, or log a resource-filled website or two.

Better than letting them sit in the corner of the room in a dust-blanketed notebook.