Writers Horoscope August 11: Solitude is not your friend.

writing solitude not such a good idea dark mood

Those endless hours alone are turning ugly.

Along with changing your writing landscape, consider tapping into collective genius. Form a writing productivity group that checks their ‘critic’ gene at the door.



Writers Horoscope August 8: You may encounter an unexpected obstruction.

It’s called ‘authorial laryngitis’.

A loss of your writer’s voice.

You’re able to spit out words on your screen, but they don’t accurately reflect ‘you’.

Let’s cut to Allen Ginsberg for a solution:

“To gain your own voice, you have to forget about having it heard.”

Writers Horoscope August 7: Curiosity may get the best of you today.

In your desperate search for tantalizing bits of dialogue, you saunter into a coffee shop and slither into eavesdropping mode.

A few tips:

  • Leaning your ear toward a conversation–not cool. [Just nudge and point your voice-recording smartphone in the right direction.]
  • Dropping the fork toward the speaker–just plain desperate. [Go with a napkin and hope the air currents are friendly. Quieter. Caution: don’t use the napkin afterwards.]
  • Cupping your hands behind each ear–pathetic. [You might as well just slide in next to the folks and start jotting down their every word.]

And if you’re too busy to intrude, there are probably a few non-virtual assistants willing to help out.

eavesdropping-multiple women-door-1200

Writers Horoscope August 6: Beware of your avocation’s side effects.

Consider the debilitating carpal tunnel syndrome.
Cut back on flipping through pages of writer magazines, clicking through cat videos, and flinging your pencils across the room during those inevitable struggles with mushy middles.

Writers Horoscope August 4: Stick to your standards.

Your work eschews profanity.

No reason to start that &*^%! now, right?

You don’t need %$#!  or ^*@#@!  or ^@#&!   to verbidextrously [don’t bother looking it up] weave your way through that tense showdown between the mallwalking retirees.

Writers Horoscope August 2: Your next income opportunity? Think it through.

That part-time job sounds good. But will it feed your search for new characters?

Or will it feed your need to dine on more than chicken[ish] ramen with taco seasoning?  [Talk about Asian fusion…]



Was just hit with a major pang of guilt…

I had just opened the book Writing for Story, by Jon Franklin, and began reading one of his highly-acclaimed stories, entitled Mrs. Kelly’s Monster, that detailed surgical procedures to relieve a patient of almost four decades of suffering from a malformation of blood vessels in the back of her brain.

And I thought…36 years of agony, all the while partnering with her husband to raise a family.

And I thought…and here I am whimpering and simpering about Facebook’s cluelessness about member requests that vaporize.

And I thought…get off your duff and keep writing!

And I thought…you folks should too!

Dig in! Ramp it up! Kick some literary booty! Go!