Writers Horoscope December 18: You’re on the alert for new material.


Even with other active projects [and possibly because they’re growing a little stale], you keep your eyes and ears open.

I was killing time in a department store yesterday and decided there must be something I could conjure up. And I did…

kohls notes attempt three

The face-tucking seems a little desperate, I admit, but it was first draft material and, come on, don’t tell me there aren’t some people that evoke that kind of reaction. ;->

Writers Horoscope December 16: You revive your notebook habit.


From 201 Ways to Arouse Your Creativity,
one of Joel at Lifehack’s ‘rejuvenating tips’:
Carry a notebook everywhere.



Hey, they’re just notes. But my observation of the uncooperative nature of computers nudged me toward drawing a parallel with some people. Possible subject for a short essay or blog post.

I also like the story possibilities of YouTube alerting a teacher to a student straying a bit from the assigned work.