Writers Horoscope September 14: You’ve given in to distraction. And now…

it’s crunch time.

gratisography girl writer surrounded by crumpled up pages and typewriter deadline

You lost out in the eternal tug of war between what you’re supposed to do and what you prefer to do.

It’s now crunch time and you need to focus.

Seriously–focus. And focus some more. [I know, I know, I do see the irony of launching you further away from your work, but these tips should prove helpful in the end. And now…back to the cat videos. ;->]

gratisography focus eyes wide open hair straight up


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Writers Horoscope September 13: You need a new identity.

gratisography secret agent banana gun

No, you’re not going into witness protection. And don’t expect CIA recruiters anytime soon.

You’ve taken control of your other writing projects.

But you’re feeling a little stale.

Maybe it’s time to create a new Web presence.
Explore a new topic of interest.
Give it time to evolve into something of greater value–to you and your readers.

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Writers Horoscope September 12: Keep a low profile today.

Stay true to yesterday’s ‘watch your temper’ advice,

Yes, counter to August 27: Your reclusiveness serves no one. , today IS STILL a good day to be a shut-in. Your editor wasn’t in a compromising mood, so the embers are still smoldering and the deadlines still loom. 

No, you don’t have to totally insulate yourself.

gratisography-wrapped in foil-insulate bad temper

But give it another day before you get a handle on the workload.

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Writers Horoscope September 11: Your temper might be an issue today.

gratisography-squeeze face bad temper

Yesterday’s merciless ‘overwhelm’ endures.

The editor shoots you a ‘Where’s your draft?’ email.

You want to show him what you’d like to do with the email.

But the garbage disposal isn’t disposing. 

Can you find a tolerable medium?

How about–you’ll do the rewrite if he gives you an extra week?

It’ll at least give you time to get the disposal fixed…in case of future editorial spats.

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Today, September 11, is a national day of service, as requested by people who lost family in the 2001 tragedy. Here is a link to publicgood.com.