10 Writing Prompts for New Year’s Day

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  1. “This information…would it have to do with my boss?”

  2. “He’s gone missing.”
    “Well, what did you expect?”

  3. How could we turn the tables within a day? It would take help from our friends…and even a few of our enemies.

  4. “Are you sure he didn’t say anything to you about his plans?”

  5. “On the bright side, you have each other!”   We each rolled our eyes.

  6. “There has to be some other way to change her mind.”
    “Nope, I’m afraid you’ll have to…”

  7. We never played well together and this was no exception…

  8. “Let’s try something new this weekend.”
    I reeeeally didn’t like the sound of that.

  9. “We’re still in the research phase.”

  10. “Do you even have any cleaning products?”

50 Creative Writing Ideas to Combat Writer’s Block

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10 Writing Prompts for October 28

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  1. Who would have known a bake-off would be the beginning of a beautiful relationship?
  2. No way were we going to convince him. Until we decided to resort to bribery.
  3. We would learn the hard way…and it would cost us a major wad of money.
  4. “Geez, you’re getting old.”
  5. “Don’t worry about her. She’ll come around.”
  6. Our nightly stroll turned ugly really quickly.
  7. “No problem. We’ll only need to knock out that wall.”
  8. “Trust me…no limitations. Make whatever you want.”
  9. He inhaled. “Something is inside your walls, and it ain’t gonna be pretty.”
  10. People had doubted her all her life…

10 Best Creative Writing Prompts

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10 Writing Prompts for October 23

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  1. “So, we’ll just mix this up and before you know it…”

  2. “Information and entertainment, blended together seamlessly, until you get…”

  3. “This is way more than we’re going to need.”  
    “Just what I wanted to hear…”

  4. “Your story seems to have a few holes in it…”

  5. “You might want to try a little charm and a few pleasantries.”  
    “But that’s just not me!”

  6. We were pretty sure we were about to witness a complete disaster…

  7. “So what are the odds you’re going to implode before you even start?”

  8. “Time for a new wardrobe!”

  9. “Go ahead, give me every detail. I can handle it.”

  10. We had reached the inescapable conclusion that…

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11 Writing Prompts for October 22

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      1. “I feel that at a certain age, we should all stop being excited about life.”
        Oh, great. And I had another 59 minutes with this bundle of joy.

      2. “Do you even have any cleaning products?”
        He held up a shriveled beige sponge. I didn’t want to know where the beige came from.

      3. So I have some bad news and some really bad news.”
        “Hold on. I have to take this call.”

      4. “Why do you think I’m Native American?”
        All eyes turned toward me as I nodded. It was all I could think of doing–just nod till you think of a reason. Good reason, stupid reason. Anything would do.

      5. “Covering your eyes won’t make it go away.”
        “Yeah, but it can’t hurt.”

      6. “Walking down the middle of the street is only going to…”

      7. “Not too thrilled that you’ve decided on him…”
        “Uh, not too thrilled that you’re saying this with him in the room.”

      8. “I mean, who even thinks of the weird names of these medications?”
        “They’re probably under the influence of the product when they conjure them up.”

      9. She was brave. She was daring. And she stood by me when I faced down the 28 rugrats…

      10. “Hey, the fun starts now!”
        “Define ‘fun’.”

      11. When they told me I had to wear a shirt to school, well, that was it for formal education.


11 Writing Prompts for October 20

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  1. We saw no reason why he poured that stuff in the tank, but it seemed to work.

  2. “Quick. Tell me two good reasons why we should be together!”

  3. The 80’s came and went, but left this guy on our doorstep.

  4. “Right about now would be a good time to buck up and tell the truth.”

  5. We were ju-u-uust about there…

  6. “You really don’t see the problem?”

  7. “It’s time for you to look out for number one.”
    I was hoping he would say that.

  8. ”Pacing myself was not going to help here…

  9. “Your behavior was more than a little provocative.”
    “You’re blaming me instead of the guy with the gun?”

  10. “Why don’t you team up with Snellwood?”
    Anybody but Snellwood, please!

  11. “Yes, it is my fault. But I can’t undo this..


10 Writing Prompts for October 18

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  1. “Sure—what the heck—I’ll marry you.”

  2. “You’re not a lawyer, are you?”

  3. “Connect the dots, Einstein.”

  4. “Do you really think she’s guilty?”

  5. “It’s time to take the leap.”

  6. “This dog…is he planning to stay on my lap all night?”

  7. “Why do people always ask me that?”
    “Look at yourself. Can you blame them?”

  8. “Your apartment…could it be in a seedier part of town?”

  9. “Hey, enough with the theatrics. Either make your phone call or haul your butt into the cell.”

  10. “You’re kidding! I get a corporate credit card?”
    “Yes, it’s yours. But don’t go nuts.”
    I didn’t hear a word he said.


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10 Writing Prompts for October 4

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  1. “Trust me. This will help you grow and become a better person.”

  2. We hated to admit it. She was right and we were, well, deep in left field…

  3. And with those words, he had entered the hallowed halls of dinkdom…

  4. I just wanted a nice party for Jamie, and then this…

  5. The coach smirked, then looked on admiringly.  “He’s small, but he’s slow.”

  6. This was more than a school prank.

  7. “Come on now, Love Buckets, hand it over.”

  8. “Are you doing all this just to hurt me?”

  9. Let’s just say his romantic plan completely unraveled.

  10. “There is no world where I can sit by and watch this happen to my kids.”


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11 Writing Prompts for Sept. 30…and how to use them.

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  1. “Leave? To go where?”

  2. “Are you serious? You talked yesterday about staying here for good. And now this?”

  3. “I feel so stupid. I should have known this would happen.”

  4. “Why are we in the same spot we were in ten years ago?”

  5. “Let’s just agree. This guy is far from a perfect ten.”

  6. “You’re definitely a royal something.”

  7. “You and I both know you’re the reason we imploded.”

  8. “No, I am not a stalker. And yes, we do keep running into each other.”

  9. “Out with it! What’s your question?”

  10. It was time to put an end to this little rebellion.

  11. That dog’s eyes said one thing: “I am going to love you into oblivion.”


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10 Writing Prompts for September 24

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  1. “Give it up. It’s old technology.”
    Just I wanted to hear. I’d show these dorks…
  2. “She tops out at one hundred words a minute.”
  3. “Granted, it’s not the easiest car to extricate yourself from.”
  4. “How about a coffee?”
    He reached into his briefcase. “Only if it comes with a little extra something.”
  5. “I will if you want me to.”
  6. “Your whole world is a sitcom!”
  7. There was something special about their devil-may-care approach…
  8. “Let’s just say it’s not exactly Shakespeare.”
    “Well, duuuhhh.”
  9. “Yeah, that kind of thing can happen with fourth-graders.”
  10. This was our kind of traffic jam. We all jumped out and…



10 Writing Prompts for September 20

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From writing prompt #7 below…

“Here are three things you should know about me.”

I turned away and winced. Am I going to want to hear this?

“One, my right leg is longer than my left one.”

“Fascinating,” I said. Please let that be the worst of it.

“Two, my favorite food is chili, no beans.”

“You are truly special,” I said. I liked the ‘no beans’ part. And what’s number three?”

“I…” He paused for dramatic effect. “…am certain dinosaurs still roam the earth.”

God, if only we’d stopped at the chili.

  1. “Sorry, I can’t help you.” “But you’re our last chance!”

  2. That face on the TV screen…so familiar.

  3. “Don’t you think you’re being a little paranoid?”

  4. “But did you have to post it on social media?”

  5. He brushed the dust off his suit. “That was easier than I thought.”

  6. “I feel like we’re home,” I said as I stretched out on the couch. “Oh, let’s not get too comfortable,” said Mom.

  7. “Here are three things you should know about me,” he said, pouring a cup of coffee. “First…”

  8. It was essential…we had to have those photos…

  9. “You’re certainly all smiles today.” “Yep,” she said. “I finally told off that old battle-axe.”

  10. There, for all the world to see, in large block letters was his profession of love…

  11. “And you needed the skull because?”