Many opportunities for ‘goodwill words’

First of all, these posts have nothing to do with giving myself props.

They have everything to do with encouraging others to find a little corner in their daily/weekly schedule and jot down/hunt-and-peck a thought or two for someone else’s benefit.

When I finished posting the note above on, it hit me that some opportunities for goodwill writing can reach out and thunk us on the forehead. This was one of those times.

While Fred is reading it from ‘another place’, I hope it brings some comfort and a smile to his family. He was a special guy.

Nothing special, I realize, nothing earth-shaking or life-changing, but as writers, every time we put pen to paper, it’s an act of faith. In this case, I have faith that these simple items will improve a someone’s day, even just a little bit.

Plenty of writers are directing their thoughts and support to folks they know and some they don’t know, so my ‘project’ is nothing new or unique.

But it’s something that makes sense.


  • it is a self-sustaining ‘volunteer opportunity’, which have dwindled ‘a bit’ since mid-March.
  • it’s one more feel-good checklist item for my day’s end ‘review’.
  • it’s so much better than watching the news.
  • it provides a layer of human contact
  • it’s been fun and rewarding and it will continue.

Let me know if you want to join me. I have a raft of resources that will make the project doable.

th at inventwithwords dot com