Props Week: Recipient #1–Sell More Books Show

Going to take a little time this week to acknowledge people who provide good, helpful content for interested listeners/visitors.

No brown-nosing intended here. No profit motive. I just appreciate the updated information, tips, and tutorials these sites offer for free.

While slapping together some chile verde, completing today’s neighborhood walk, and following through on kitchen cleanup, I binge-listened  to three episodes of the Sell More Books Show, a team effort of Jim Kukral and Bryan Cohen.

Some of today’s takeaways:

  1. Author Mark Dawson’s recent book launch [Episode 152] can teach us newbies a few key lessons.
  2. Go into business to help people and solve problems, says Jim. Making money will grow from that.
  3. Jim believes that, with the ever-increasing heap of Web content and our diminishing attention span, the future of books may well follow a micropayments for short books/chapters/serials’ model. [Episode 152]

Good stuff.

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