Ten more writing prompts…and another way I use them.

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  1. The last suitcase at the baggage carousel was about to change my life…
  2. “He really teed off on me…and for no good reason.”
    “Wellll…let’s just say…”
  3. Josie’s feet were propped on the desk as I entered her den of sin…
  4. Non-stop yakking…that was the only way to describe it.
  5. I reached for the ring in my pocket. So far, so good…
  6. “Let’s just say follow-through wasn’t exactly his strength…”
  7. It was hard to tell the criminals from the politicians…
  8. At the far end of the terminal, a diminutive woman huddled inside her heavy coat and waited. There had to be more to her story…
  9. I braced myself for the worst possible news. Instead…
  10. I wasn’t sure who the applause was for, so I shrugged and waved to the welcoming crowd…

Another use: I turn to my lists of prompts to spice up my morning pages when I’m tired of writing about my own little issues and plans.




Ten more writing prompts…and one way I use them.


  1. “This brings back special memories.”
    “I hoped it would.”
  2. It had been years since we felt this close…
  3. The attic contained secrets no one wanted to explore…
  4. “You look good in red.”
    “Well, you look good…nah, I can’t even lie about it.”
  5. “I am your doctor, you are my patient. Therefore…”
  6. “So it’s settled. I’ll stay here and you look inside the cabin.”
  7. “This festival is going downhill fast.”
    “Yeah, gale force winds and dozens of casualties tend to do that.”
  8. “Can I have this dance?”
    Wrong question. Wrong time.
  9. Why couldn’t this moment last forever?
    I couldn’t believe I was even thinking that.
  10. “You’re going to eat all that?”
    “Yeah, why?”

One of my writing prompt strategies…

If I’m stuck at a point in one of my fiction drafts, I thumb through my lists to find a character’s action or a piece of dialogue that, at the very least, nudges me into the ‘What if…’ mode.

Ten More Writing Prompts…


  1. “You look good in heels.”
    “Shut up and give me my shaving kit.”
  2. “You’ve been through a trauma. You’ll need some time.”
  3. It was all starting to come back to her…
  4. The writing teacher complained that there was no ‘aboutness’ to my story. ‘Aboutness’…he actually used that pseudo-word.
  5. “It sounds like a lot of work to me.”
    “I knew you were going to say that.”
  6. We had descended into the hellish vortex of worthless meetings. Something had to be done.
  7. “You have your beer. I’ll go with chocolate chip cookies and milk.”
    “Perfect! I knew we were made for each other!”
  8. “You’re looking especially haunting today.”
  9. Their laughter seemed especially insincere this time around.
  10. “There’s no such thing as a good politician.”
  11. “There’s a special someone out there waiting just for you.”
    “Yeah, like I’ve never been told
    that before.”

Writing Warmup: “Really? A cronut?”

I try to occasionally stretch at least one of my writing prompts a bit…

Here goes:


“Really, a cronut?”

“Why not? It’s a delicacy. And it’s just a warmup. I’ve pre-ordered for us.”

“I don’t like the sound of that.”

“When you see the spread of desserts blanketing the table in back, you’ll change your tune.”

“What is with you and sugar?”

“It’s not just sugar. It’s butter, it’s flour, it’s comfort.”

“And it’s decadence.”

“Well, yeah, there’s that.”

We eased our way through the maze of customers and leaned with our shoulders to open the double doors.

There stood four guys in chef hats, lined up like sentries, arms crossed.

“Are you sure you won’t change your mind?”

Writing Prompts–June 29


Another award-winning sampler of tweaks to your writer’s imagination.,,

  1. “You can relax! Trust me!”
  2. “Yes, she’s unusual. And actually more than a little scary.”
  3. We decided he needed a new bit, a new approach…
  4. Finally, she understood! I think…
  5. The server slid the food my way. I looked down at the plate, then up at the server. “Can you tell me what exactly landed in this dish?”