Curation Corner: Writing freebies from Scribe Media

Welcome to BooskSchool, with links to:

** four self-directed courses covering the topics highlighted in the word cloud above

** a download link to Scribe Media co-founder Tucker Max’s book, The Scribe Method

** a link to Scribe Media’s YouTube Channel

** a link to their podcast

Other Scribe Media resources can be found here.


Goodwill words: Today’s theme–Reality? Overrated.

This is the third in a series of three notes I wrote on a recent afternoon.

This one was probably even more fun than the previous two.

Again, the quote was a perfect launching site for some aging-related revelry. Granted, maybe I’m unsettling the poor recipient (“What if this whack-job knows where I live?”), but hey!–those are the risks of ‘publishing’, right? Besides, I’m generally harmless. (Just keep your distance at coffee-and-scone time.)

Click here if you’re interested in contributing your words to Love For Our Elders. And possibly undoing my literary misadventures…

Here’s a link to their video letters project.

Goodwill words: Today’s theme: Communal griping

This is the second in a series of three notes I wrote on a recent afternoon.

In my previous post, I noted that organization can be just so helpful for writers. I know what you’re thinking: Where else can you score such life-changing advice?

Anyway, this day calendar of quotes has been an invaluable springboard for themes to guide my notes. So, yes, for two straight days, it has remained glued to the laptop. Not literally…that would be ridiculous. And a mess..

As for being organized, here’s a nice set of tips from Bryan Collins on Write to Done…

The Zen of More Organized Writing: 5 Steps You Can Take Today

Click here if you’re interested in contributing your words to Love For Our Elders…

Here’s a link to their video letters project.

Curation Corner: Let Hemingway do the work.

Click here or on the above word cloud for a 90-second run-through of The Hemingway App, an online pair of eyes [creepy, I know] that points out [without browbeating] a writing flaw or two.

Here is an opening sentence I used on another blog…and Hemingway’s feedback. [That hack…I’ve heard he claims to have written The Sun Also Rises and A Farewell to Arms.]

You just paste in your masterpiece and out comes the quick but helpful evaluation.

There is also a $20 desktop version.

Note: Thanks to for reminding me about The Hemingway App and a few other helpful tools.

Curation Corner: Solve painful writing problems in 5 steps

I never fail to learn new writing strategies when I visit Copyblogger. Just as valuable is the writers’ acknowledgement that writing is hard…followed by helpful approaches to mindset mixed in with a few hacks to jump start our efforts.

The graphic is just the outline of a post by Brian Clark that’s well worth saving. Check it out.

Hope it helps. It should…

Curation Corner: Following up on Writers, Ink

As I was curating for my previous post on podcasts for writers, I ran across Writers, Ink, a team effort of J.D. Barker, J. Thorn, and Zach Bohannon.

When I clicked over to their website, I signed up for the free revision course (see above).

Am hoping it will A. offer some helpful strategies B. nudge me to open some work that needs my attention [i.e. is collecting digital dust].

Hope this help, writers.

Curation Corner: Writers–run these as you craft your best seller

Greetings, writers.

Another gem. This one from Alice Florence Orr of

8 Podcasts to Inspire Your Writing Practice

I’m most intrigued by Writers, Ink.

Orr’s description: Hosted by three bestselling authors, Writers, Ink will make you feel better about that unfinished manuscript on your flash drive. 

As I finish this post, I’m listening to the episode The Benefits of Writing in the Morning.

Hope this help, writers.

Curation Corner: Writers–Embrace the mess

Greetings, writers.

Click the above word cloud for a two-minute curation of Stefanie Flaxman’s Be a Bad Writer to Be a Great Writer post on Copyblogger.

While this site is directed at entrepreneurs and content marketing, it is filled with solid advice and strategies for all writers.