Writers Horoscope September 7: A loved one will exploit your weaknesses.

This chapter is killing me! 

A whine emanates from the other room. He knows…

dog through fence

A little he-and-I time wouldn’t hurt.

A deadly whimper-whine combination.

Stop right there! You know deep down once you leave that keyboard, there’s little chance you’re coming back, not even to turn things off.

Aim for a quick win, or at least a compromise. Set the timer for 20 minutes. You power through till the buzzer goes off and then Droopy-Eyed Ralph can get his walk.

Other anti-distraction tips:


…and for those with family members who can’t read ‘Do Not Disturb’ signs and who claim to not understand clearly-stated boundaries: http://www.diyauthor.com/distraction-working-home-when-you-have-pets/ .



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