Writers Horoscope August 5: Widen your audience of critics.

Another species perhaps?


This one’s unequivocal apathy to your ‘read-backs’ should steel you in the face of future unappreciative audiences.



  1. Mark C. says:

    Funny, looks an awful lot like one of our katz. If I wasn’t delirious due to my cocktail of post-hip replacement surgery drugs…(only a lame excuse) I’d know for sure. Wait! I’m not on any drugs…that is my kat! ‘Leafy’ wants some royalty money for the unauthorized use of her image..

    1. TMH says:

      How do you know it was unauthorized? At 5:45 AM and with the Fancy Feast popped open, she and I had a little ‘come to Morris’ moment and reached an agreement.

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