Writing Tip of the Day: Rationalization is your friend.


If your well of ideas has run dry [we’re talking dust clouds wafting up from the bottom, I mean, even Lassie wouldn’t drop down there to save Timmy… that dry], just list a few of your favorite rationalizations for not writing.

Honest, it can open up a whole new conversation…within yourself…or, at the creepy level, loud enough for others to hear…better yet, on paper.

Sometimes, all we writers need is a little understanding and when you’ve said to yourself, “So, what’s been going on?”, well, you’ve come to the right place.

More on the power of rationalization tomorrow.



  1. Great tip. I think, sometimes, I visit the creepy level a bit too often. But there’s usually plenty of material down there. Thanks for reminding us about the power of rationalization.

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