Writing Tip of the Day: Rationalization is your friend [Part II]

More on rationalization.

From the ‘turnabout is fair play’ department: Now it’s time to use your writing as a go-to rationalization…for not chiseling marinara off last night’s dinner dishes, diving into that IKEA assembly ordeal, or changing that hard-to-reach light bulb on your nightstand.

Not interested? Then you only have yourself to blame for not topping the New York Times Best Sellers list.


  1. Ron Robinson says:

    Well done. Thanks for giving me an excuse to avoid the chaos in my garage, the leaking sprinklers in the backyard, and—Oh, that disintegrating picnic table out by the horses.

    1. TMH says:

      R!! Are you sure you didn’t just take a snapshot of our place? And…if you give that table enough time, nature may just do the job for you.

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