10 Writing Prompts for September 24

Word Art (7)

  1. “Give it up. It’s old technology.”
    Just I wanted to hear. I’d show these dorks…
  2. “She tops out at one hundred words a minute.”
  3. “Granted, it’s not the easiest car to extricate yourself from.”
  4. “How about a coffee?”
    He reached into his briefcase. “Only if it comes with a little extra something.”
  5. “I will if you want me to.”
  6. “Your whole world is a sitcom!”
  7. There was something special about their devil-may-care approach…
  8. “Let’s just say it’s not exactly Shakespeare.”
    “Well, duuuhhh.”
  9. “Yeah, that kind of thing can happen with fourth-graders.”
  10. This was our kind of traffic jam. We all jumped out and…



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