11 Writing Prompts for Sept. 30…and how to use them.

Warmups Cloud

  1. “Leave? To go where?”

  2. “Are you serious? You talked yesterday about staying here for good. And now this?”

  3. “I feel so stupid. I should have known this would happen.”

  4. “Why are we in the same spot we were in ten years ago?”

  5. “Let’s just agree. This guy is far from a perfect ten.”

  6. “You’re definitely a royal something.”

  7. “You and I both know you’re the reason we imploded.”

  8. “No, I am not a stalker. And yes, we do keep running into each other.”

  9. “Out with it! What’s your question?”

  10. It was time to put an end to this little rebellion.

  11. That dog’s eyes said one thing: “I am going to love you into oblivion.”


How to use writing prompts, from WikiHow…

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