Goodwill words: Sending hope to a mom facing changes and challenges

This deserving person has experienced a string of bad luck over the years.

A reminder to me: It’s always nice to see that, by sending in a request to More Love Letters, someone is leading the charge to help these letters’ recipients.

Another lesson: There is always a quote available to kickstart any note or letter I’m writing. Yet another: I have fun trying to lighten things up a bit. One of my daily calendars usually comes through…

A few other notes from recent months…1. 2. 3.

Thanks for visiting. I always appreciate the folks who press the ‘Like’ button to let me know the post arrived in legible and at least semi-comprehensible condition.

And a reminder…these notes are just to serve as a nudge forward for those inclined to do something similar to the Goodwill Words Project.

I am always happy to steer you to letter-writing destinations and resources on the Web. Just let me know what you need.

Goodwill Words: April’s More Love Letter requests

Click the graphic above for a quick tour of the four April 2021 letter requests at

It’s interesting…sometimes I dive right into these letters and other times I need the requests’ words and details to seep in. This has been a ‘let seep in’ month.

I do make a point of finishing letters for out-of-country requests first. And over time, I’ve wended my way through the USPS website to figure out the required postage and I have those stamps at the ready.

In James Clear’s words (Atomic Habits)…

“If you want to maximize your odds of success, then you need to operate in an environment that accelerates your results rather than hinders them.”

The 12 DAYS OF LOVE LETTER WRITING project continues.

While my draft to Ann Maria ‘cools’, thought I would check in.

Hoping your season is still revealing blessings.

Here is an 11-second tour of
most of the More Love Letters requests.