Demonstrate consistency, says…

Jeff Goins, of The Productive Writer series.

So, while he succeeded with 500 words a day, I also did well with that modest, reachable goal.

Until I didn’t. Wussed out. Found other important tasks. [All you procrastinators out there are saying, ‘Yeah, right.’. I can hear yoooou.]

So I’m scaling back to even 100 words [though between this work and other project work I’m doing, I probably am getting to 500].

I’ll continue to add my daily writing warmup, but I’ll also be providing a few details about my next project–a Teachable ‘course’, though it’s less of a course and more of a ‘come follow me’ tour of my own process in writing a short book. More later. [Let’s see…how many words is that…Thank you, WordPress–122 words.]

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