Shame on me…

About five years ago, during a short midday stroll, I approached a tall thick hedge.

On the other side of that hedge, an SUV driver was blindly backing up at a good clip.

Something [call it a guardian angel] caused me to pause as I reached the hedge. [Guess you could say I ‘hedged at the hedge’…**]

One more step and I’d have been seriously munched.

What’s the point?

In his Read Obituaries’ section in Show Your Work, Austin Kleon tells us of how George Lucas, after nearly dying in a car accident in his teens, decided ‘every day now is an extra day’.

Shame on me for not making that my mantra since that near-hit day.



**Hey! Blame Austin Kleon for that one.  Quote from Show Your Work “Take inspiration from the people who muddled through life before you…making do with what they were given, and having the guts to put themselves out there. Follow their example.”

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