Minutes from my first board meeting

The meeting was commenced at 7:07.

Attendees: Tim Haag, Boo Haag

Approval of minutes: N/A

Officers Reports: Tim reported he had started a new blog that will, in the future, consist of a variety of forms of writing, including advice columns, cartoons, recipes, telegrams, and classified ads.

Boo presented his daily ‘Premeditated Canine Starvation’ report in which Tim is accused of spending far too little time attending to Boo’s dietary needs.

Main Motions: Moved by Tim and seconded that the daily writing warmup will continue. The motion carried with two in favor and zero against.

Moved by Tim and seconded that the theme for the wordinventions blog will soon change. The motion carried with two in favor and zero against.

Announcements: Boo shared his strategy of seconding all of Tim’s motions as long as he is is graced with a peanut butter-enhanced Kong session.

Boo also expressed dissatisfaction that we did not include him in the Kong photo.



URL: https://dogs.thefuntimesguide.com/files/dog-and-kong-by-oakleyoriginals.jpg

Adjournment: Boo moved that the meeting be adjourned, and this was agreed upon at 7:29 PM.











  1. Chuck Guest says:

    Boo appears to have a working knowledge of Robert’s Rules of Order. I have never seen this from a dog.

    1. TMH says:

      Chuck! Really like your website/blog. Great name. Why am I not at all surprised you’d be so accomplished in a creative field? As for the dog, his rules of order generally revolve around meal times and meal amounts. He is currently not as attentive as he was before his emergency tumor removal. But, like his humble human servant, he can rise up to the level of his appetite. Our meeting norm of ‘Make your point so we can eat.’ will soon return. And tonight as I drift off to sleep, I’ll no doubt be unwillingly picturing you drenched in a cascade of toilet water. Cheers.

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