Genius, pure as the driven snow…

So, I tell my wife that snow is in the forecast for the next day.

“That means one thing–brownies.”

Okay, as open-minded as I am to baked decadence, I didn’t see the connection.

But who was I to question the logic?

Brownies in our immediate future…

Next step: Channel my wife’s genius and may the desserts roll in.

Rain in the forecast? Cafe Beaujolais coffee cake.

A scorcher upcoming? Key lime pie.

Tsunami? Biscuits. Find the quickest recipe on this list. While they’re baking, don your Happy Hippo life preserver, fire up your jet boat, and set your GPS for easterly locations. And if–your preserver now a deadly weapon–you haven’t concussed the dog, bounced off counters, or scattered unsuspecting kitchen appliances, more power to you. Head for the hills, cradling your biscuits and a jar of honey. Spouses can fend for themselves. [Don’t worry about the kids. You’ve already sent them ahead. More biscuits for you.]

But back to where it all started…Alice Medrich brownies. I confess to smirking at the prescribed [and already ample] chocolate portions and letting my inner artist take over. These babies turn out candy bar-like. I first heard the term chocopocalypse term from my Bluebird Baker friend. It certainly applies here.


  1. Linda Hamner says:

    Do you guys really know how to make a key lime pie? I am so impressed. So jealous. So hungry.

    1. TMH says:

      So Linda, figured I’d get around to responding to your comment on my blog re: key lime pie. I’m long overdue to make one. Since I’m housebound and living the bachelor life till Monday evening, you never know. I may well get around to making one. We’ll have to all reconnect later this week. Certainly, there’s no political news for us to hash out…

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