Displacement activities–the good ones

Yep, displacement activities, the bane of a procrastinator’s daily life.


So, let’s look more closely at ones that feed your [okay, my] soul. Feel free to interpret the order of list items any way you want.

  1. Any Leave It to Beaver episodes where Eddie says, “Good afternoon, Mrs. Cleaver.” in his trademark obsequious way or The Beav wrinkles his eyebrows and says, “Gee, Wally.”
  2. Baking cookies, doughnut muffins, or no-knead bread [Recipe #1 and Recipe #2]
  3. Sketching [even if you’re an amateur like me] Pssst! You might surprise yourself.
  4. Reading Write It Down, Make It Happen or The War of Art two of my favorites to revisit
  5. Thumbing through Your Idea Starts Here


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