Today’s mini-lesson from Accidental Genius…

This book’s subtitle is: Revolutionize Your Thinking Through Private Writing

I’ve been using the book to boost my ‘morning pages’ routine.

Mark Levy calls this Secret # 4: Write the Way You Think.

In other words, don’t edit for any audience other than yourself. In fact, don’t even edit for yourself. Just let’er rip, working from the assumption that you can and will, even years later, understand what you’re saying to yourself, no matter how many disconnected thoughts carom across your paper or screen.

He dissected a five-year-old sample of his own private writing to illustrate ‘writing the way we think’. He decided it was a good example to share because:

  1. He used kitchen language’, a term he borrowed from Ken Macrorie [  Link #1    Link #2  ]. Levy defines it as ‘your own slang’.
  2. He ‘kept quiet about things that needed no explanation’. In other words, he skipped clarifications because he was only writing for himself.
  3. He bounced from one topic to another, with no concern about logical connection between thoughts because he knows how he thinks.

My favorite line from this section:



My own excerpt:   Okay, morning pages, continued, doing the Accidental Genius Write the Way you think exercise. I’m not doing that yet as it still feels like I’m letting someone peek over my shoulder, but I’m getting there. I needed to turn the timer around as it was distracting…and so every day I need to choose myself and I should print out nuggest [the most convincing ones and post them up on the corkboard. Okay, that was good. I love this pen. I need fast moving pen tips that glide across the page…

From the Department of Neither Here Nor There:

Show me a TV ad for the SPCA, and you’ll get tears. Actually, I take that back. I wouldn’t stay in the room long enough for that to happen.

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