Rabbit Holes and Procrastination

Sat down to write my morning pages.
A good sign: It was actually morning.

Read an article on procrastination and, armed with a number of coping strategies, promptly procrastinated for 40 minutes.
[And really, was reading the article itself an act of procrastination? It’s ugly out there in the land of put-offs. So many unresolved issues…]


Follow me on my tumble down the rabbit hole:

Email from my nephew led to…
∼ Tongue-in-cheek video about the dreariness of the month of February led to…
∼ Tongue-in-cheek video about graffiti in the St. Louis area led to…
∼ Video interview featuring the wife of a slain St. Louis area police officer [I really need to turn off the YouTube ads/related videos** led to…
∼ News footage immediately after his shooting led to…
∼ News article about the shooting suspect’s distraught father

I shook myself away from that heartbreaking thread and ventured back to my email, which led to…
∼ Khan Academy update on Pixar’s quality exploration of storytelling, which led to…
∼ One segment’s inspiration to use our own storytelling superpower: our personal perspective, which led to…
∼ a lesson from Pixar artists on shading [I shared that with my wife, an art teacher.]

Was it a productive 40 minutes?
Well, I’m at least writing about my procrastination. (Classic rationalization, but it works for me…)
Still, as I confessed on my previous word cloud post

** I use safeshare.tv to clean up a YouTube screen for me, though it requires a few steps.]

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