A confession…

The other day I was at a loss to describe my inability to solve an annoying situation.

And I heard myself say, “It is what it is.”

Yes, “It is what it is.”

To quote Boon from Animal House, “A new low. I’m so ashamed.”

Not sure I can forgive myself for that…so I’ll turn to readers for forgiveness.




  1. Chuck says:

    It’s either being pragmatic or defeatist, depending on whether you’re an optimist or a realist (which was a pessimistic thing to say).

  2. Chuck says:

    Shortly after receiving the mailed invitation to join AARP, I found myself saying “It is what it is.” Initially, it had a soothing effect. I took the acceptance of things beyond my control as a welcome sign of maturity and less chaotic days to come. Until I thought about it just a bit more and felt trapped like a rat. Guess I don’t fully believe “it is what it is.” Not yet.

    1. TMH says:

      Okay, Chuck. Just please wipe away the whole ‘my former students are now receiving AARP invitations’ realization. Aren’t you guys still in college? Shouldn’t you be just starting careers? See what I’m doing there? I’m giving you a headstart on the whole mind-wipe request. Work with me here! Thanks for the comment. And yes, do avoid the rat traps.

  3. eric eckhart says:

    ‘It is what it is’ seems like a small splinter in one’s finger, painfully obvious and annoying.
    Phew, glad that is ‘off my chest’.

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