Five takeaways from ‘What To Do When It’s Your Turn’ by Seth Godin

This book was overdue and I figured if I created a post from its collective wisdom, it would force me to read it before I returned it.

Tons more wisdom and knowledge in this book, and with Tools of Titans [my next post].

Page 84 “Write until you are not afraid to write….How about this: Write until you are able to write words you are proud enough to share.”

Page 84 “…trying to will away our anxiety or to wait until we’re in the mood to do our best is an invitation to frustration.”

Page 63 “In just a few generations, we’ve gone from ‘The only thing we have to fear is fear itself’ to ‘The fear we feel is the fear of freedom.’”

Page 43 “What what about getting in the mood? What about the motivation you’ll need to engage in this life? Our need for motivation is due to our need for reassurance. We are paralyzed by our fear that it might not work, and we let the fear demotivate us, giving us the perfect excuse to not create.”

Page 38 “The rule is simple: the person who fails the most will win. If I fail more than you do, I will win. Because in order to keep failing, you’ve got to be good enough to keep playing. So, if you fail cataclysmically and never play again, you only fail once. But if you are always there shipping, putting your work into the world, creating and starting things, you will learn endless things.”

My take: Yep…I’ve currently failed, period. Why? Because I’m not completing the multitude of products I want to put in my store. [That isn’t built yet either…shocker, right?]


  1. LittleFears says:

    Page 38 is properly spot on. A winner is just a loser who has persisted.

    1. TMH says:

      Nice job of condensing that key thought, LittleFears! Thanks for checking in.

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