Rockin’ Forgetfulness


4 Science Backed Benefits of Being Forgetful–Yes!!

Much appreciated rationalizations…

If you follow the above link, that’s pretty much me [well, minus the cardigan…and the collared shirt…and, well, he at least remembered to shave…okay, so he and I share the same ‘pose of cluelessness’.]

sticky notes on person's head

But now, thanks to these Care2 writers, I have some fallback versions of ‘my reality’:

  • “Yes, I forgot my pants again, but I’ve been busy adapting to new experiences.”
  • “Sure, I realize now the steaks are fossilized, but at least I’m working on my efficiency.”
  • “I know I left the car running overnight, but my decision to have both chocolate and vanilla ice cream was spot-on!”
  • “Dear! Check out my new use for the weedwhacker! This thinking-induced forgetfulness is really paying off!”


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