You are trustworthy and people value your opinion.

So tread lightly when discussing your fellow writer’s dystopian Victorian western.

Appreciate its vivid descriptions and move on.


To thank you for visiting, here is a freebie Suspense Concept List PDF.

Nope, no email address required.

It is 11 pages of words and phrases related to, in this case, the idea of suspense. I create and use these to boost my writing and idea-generation output and am going to be offering this and others in my upcoming digital dollar store. [Hey, it’s a working title. ;->]

[Actually, I think this blog’s readers could generate stories in any number of genres from these lists.]

Here is just a sample of what’s included:

  • conspiracy theory
  • courage
  • creativity
  • curiosity (inquisitiveness)
  • democracy
  • denial
  • detente
  • deterrent
  • devotion to a cause
  • diplomatic immunity
  • disastrous outcome
  • disinformation
  • disloyalty
  • hiding place
  • keyhole
  • listening post
  • locked door
  • locked file
  • locked room
  • give a tip (information)
  • go through customs
  • go through the trash
  • grant asylum
  • hear through the wall
  • hide (conceal)
  • hold an envelope up to the light
  • infiltrate
  • inform
  • interrogate
  • investigate
  • keep a secret
  • keep a straight face
  • keep up appearances
  • leak information
  • lie (tell a lie)
  • lie low
  • look over your shoulder
  • look through a keyhole
  • make a drop
  • make a mistake
  • misrepresent
  • observe
  • overthrow the government
  • plant evidence
  • protect a source


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